KTTF Records - Released 24th September 2016


I was taken aback at the intro of the first song “See her out (that’s just life)” by the tinny beat, writing it off almost completely. Until a few seconds passed and I was reminded instantly of my younger years and bands like The Postal Service and Imogen Heap, so I listened on. With the exception of the final part of the song I thoroughly enjoyed its arcade theme – a good set up for the rest of the album I felt.

“Running man/Gospel OP1” caught me instantly, great intro, pleasant, chirpy – seems like a song produced earlier than its era.

“Comeback” – arguably one of the most modern tracks on the album – gives serious Drake vibes (yes, seriously) I wouldn’t be surprised if this track was sampled by someone similar soon. Very laid back, one of my favourites on the album.

Cast your mind back to Calvin Harris’ early work (acceptable in the 80’s era). Got it? Now listen to “I Want You to Shake” – right?

“Can’t Stay Party” gives us snippets of guitars – this made me very happy. This is a stand out track on the album.

I’m a sucker for piano so of course “My City’s Gone” instantly pulled me in. Short and sweet with a punch at the end.

“It’s Alright to Cry” brings back the arcade theme again, reminding me almost of a Gameboy theme tune… until the steel drums kick in. If you thought you’d figured these guys out THINK AGAIN

“May I Have This Dance” again feels like it should have been released in the 80s – giving off some serious power ballad teasers you can imagine the video to involve a lot of smoke and a girl with very large hair. Perfect song for the radio.

“Thank You” I assumed this was an interlude until it stopped so abruptly – strange track…

WOW! Friends is by far the stand out track on the album! You can feel the heavy influence from Bon Iver (probably because they feature in the song). An all-round great track – if you listen to one song on the album – this is your guy. Upbeat, happy and a great finish to the album. Listen closely for the hint of Kanye west.

When I first listened to the album I wasn’t too sure that this was for me, but I stuck with it, and I’m glad I did. Really quirky album that seems to jump from genre to genre, it will definitely keep you on your toes. I just wish they hadn’t kept the best track until last, the album inclined until it hit a peak and stopped, I like mines with a little ups and downs.


-Taylor Paris