(Self published - Released 30th May 2017)


After listening to their new EP on repeat since the moment it was released on June 30th, I have fallen completely in love with West Lothian foursome, The Snuts. And after doing a lil’ bit of research into their musical journey so far, it is clear that they are, without a doubt, the band of the moment. It seems as though everybody has heard of these guys! The Matador EP is guided by a somewhat chilling sound and is composed of four remarkable tracks that present exactly what it means to be young.

Alongside their heavy indie rock sound, the bands intimate lyrics and haunting vocals create a natural ease to each track. It’s a truly beautiful record that will certainly create an unforgettable live atmosphere of unity and passion between the band and the crowd, and is bound to appeal to people from all generations. In the complete EP, there is not one second that feels out of place, making for 17 minutes of complete musical bliss.

The first track, ‘The Matador’, is a packed full of energetic riffs and just makes me want to be steaming at a music festival.‘What’s going on?’, begins with an absolutely perfect drum solo and progresses into a beat that won’t leave your head for days. My personal favourite on the EP, ‘Mixer,’ is the best tune to have blaring from a speaker as you sit with a cold beer in the sun. The final track, ‘Summertime,’ contains some of the best, poetic lyrics I have heard in a while. I don’t think there’s anything this band can’t do. 

In the present day, there are countless boybands with an impressive indie-rock sound emerging onto the scene. But how many can create stunning musical interludes, the smooooothest guitar riffs, and explosive drum beats, whilst writing unbelievably impressive lyrics and stealing your girlfriends heart, all at the same time? Not many, is the answer to that. The Snuts are the breath of fresh air in rock music that we need.

There is no denying the band's tangible sense of direction and infatuation with what they do. As the boys have delivered such an accomplished and confident debut, it will be nothing short of surprising if their careers do not propel from here. I look forward to hearing more from the genius’ behind The Matador.


- Aischa Daughtery